Why Our Shark Teeth Cleaning Services The Best In Town?

Shark collectors know the importance of having the best white shark jaws. They will only have those modern shark teeth that are free from any kind of damage and are renovated in their best position. You can also get modern shark teeth with shark teeth for sale.  

If you want modern shark teeth renovated and perfected to be put into your collection, it is important that you know that our services do not include the jaw removal. So, you will need to pay extra for the jaw removal of the shark. For that order, you will have to thaw the head and make sure that the head of the shark is kept as fresh as possible. White shark jaws are available for sale also and are of the finest quality.  

We bring perfection to our tasks 

Our services make sure to bring perfection to everything with no exceptions whatsoever. We are aimed at providing brilliant shark jaw renovation and repair services to our honourable clients with the best protocol.   

We do our tasks with diligence 

When the shark’s flesh is all removed and discarded, then comes the time where we wash the jaw to remove any impurity like blood or shred of anything remaining. The jaws are rinsed again thoroughly and then they are dried. After the jaws have dried, they are put into a whitening solution. The whitening solution is of the finest quality and care is taken that it has good ability to whiten the teeth of the shark to an extent that it looks pleasurable to the viewer. So necessary care is taken in this fact. In addition to that, the whitening solution completely disinfects the jaw from on growing bacteria and other microbes in the process. in a way, the jaw becomes entirely sanitized and free from impurities. The process takes about less than a week to completely whiten and disinfect the modern shark teeth producing a good quality jaw to be displayed in your jaw collection at the end. However, there is no fixed time of leaving the shark teeth into the whitening solution as it depends on the condition and also the overall measurement of the jaw of the shark.  

All processes are done with care  

This process is done with utmost care and we believe that our brilliance in this method brings all the difference. Moreover, the jaws are then dried in the final stages with a naturally open position to make sure it is dried thoroughly and there is no flaw remaining. The drying process takes around a month as it is highly technical and requires considerable amount of time.  

We ensure you that our services are highly brilliant in this regard as we take care of everything in a professional manner. You can contact us for further queries.  

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